Eve of Destruction

I swear, this is the last time that you will hear about NaNoWriMo from me this year. Well, maybe one more time…

Tomorrow is November 30, the last day of my attempt to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days for National Novel Writing Month. I am at 43,333, within spitting distance of the finish line. And it seems like all creation is conspiring to keep me from finishing.

Last week I got three good chapters done, a lot less than I had hoped, but enough to keep me ahead of the curve. This week, when I swore I would turn over a new leaf and get more done, I have written in dribs and drabs. The problem has mostly been because my job has been insane. We are down to the last two weeks of school, our new website is about to launch, I am breaking in a new student assistant, and the alumni magazine that I edit is woefully behind schedule, with an important advisory meeting scheduled for tomorrow. I would put off my NaNoWriMo project until next week, but that’s not going to work. The idea is to be done on November 30.

And so I am going to try to find time today, tonight and tomorrow to get about 7,000 words written. It’s doable–I have written 7,000 words in a day before–but the other problem is that I am uninspired with a lot of other things vying for my attention.

So we will give it the old college try. And then we will face December 1 with our chins held high….

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