Five Days and 8,200 Words

First, the good news.

I am about 8,200 words from completing my National Novel Writing Month challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days. Actually I am at approximately 41,800 words. I say approximately, because every time I have done this, the official counter at NaNoWriMo Central has short changed me by several hundred words. November 30 is Friday, which means I have five days to clean up my act and get done with this project.

And that’s the bad news. As I write, I am finding more than once that one chapter has turned into two. When I started, there were only 24 chapters in the book; now there are 29. I have 21 written, but it looks like I have another 8 chapters–or about 16,000 words–left to write in the book.

I am pretty confident I can finish 50,000 words by Friday. I am less confident I can finish the book by that time.

But one thing I have learned is not to try to write the entire book at one sitting. You do it the same way you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

People are amazed that I have written close to 20 books over my years of writing. What they don’t stop to think is not that I wrote them, but if they are any good.

The jury’s still out on that one–at least this time around. But of course, that’s what the rewrite process is for.

Later, dudes and dudettes.