Last Week of Classes

We’re in our last week of classes in what has been a tough semester.

I have accomplished a great deal, but not as much I wanted to, and not at the level of quality I would have liked.

I taught Drama Writing for the first time, which as usual taught me as much as it did my students. It also introduced me to a great book on writing: “Story” by Robert McKee, which I would highly recommend regardless of what kind of writing you do.

I still am struggling with incomplete projects, such as our new website that hasn’t launched yet, our alumni magazine which hasn’t launched yet, and the set of 20 academic departmental brochures, which, well, you get the picture.

I am looking forward to three weeks off. You would think I would be looking forward to more writing, and I may do some of that, but mostly I will be getting prepared for next semester and maybe doing some editing on books I have already written.

I am grateful that we aren’t doing any traveling, as I have had my fill of driving in nasty weather (having lived in Idaho with parents in California). I intend to snuggle up in front of a warm fire and not answer emails or cell phones.

And my three dogs and a cat will love me for this, even if no one else does.

Best holiday wishes in advance.