Chasing My Tail

One of the big reasons I wrote last week about multitasking and its effect on the creative spark as well as one’s relationship with God is because I, along with most of these United States, am caught up in the turnstiles of progress. I currently am coming up on midterm exams, which I still have to write. I teach 4 1/2 classes (ask me later about that half class), am trying to get another magazine ready for publication, and have a scad of other duties.

Today I am meeting with my Persuasion class and talking to them about Conformity and the Influence of Groups, a large chunk of that being about cults and cultism. That should be interesting. After that, I meet with my Photojournalism class and give them their new digital audio recorders for use in putting audio slideshows together–their final project. I have a lunch meeting regarding the Creative Writing Club on campus, a 2 p.m. class, then two hours in the Writing Lab with students, followed by Rough Writers, our creative writing club.

In all of that, I need to find time to keep working on three–make that four–articles I need to write for the magazine, and keep my son on the straight and narrow regarding the two new book covers we are doing, AND find a Western Union office where I can pay my artists in Spain and Macedonia.

So not much to report beyond that. I did have an idea for a blog earlier today, but it somehow eluded me…

More later.