Good News

Well, it pays to know people apparently. Over lunch, I took a copy of my new book Infinity's reach final ebookInfinity’s Reach over to Mickey Johnson at the Texas ABC here in Keene. He had been following me with my launch of the book in recent weeks and was eager to read it. I have done book signings once or twice at his store, and he wanted to do another.

c final4With the launch of The Champion coming up over Memorial Day Weekend, I took the initiative and talked to him about that as well. He was sufficiently impressed and ordered 50 copies of each one. Now all I have to do is finish editing The Champion in time for the event.

But that’s the right kind of motivation, isn’t it?

If you want to be one of the first to get a copy of The Champion, keep posted and I will tell you when and where this is going to happen.