One down, three to go

We are in the throes of final exams at my school. I gave an exam this morning, and have students turning in final papers for that same class. I am still waiting on four papers that are due today.

c final4Tomorrow I have two more tests to proctor, and one on Wednesday. In the middle of that, I have to draw on my math skills to give final grades to each of those students, each test, quiz, paper and project weighted according to what we agreed on in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester. My plan is to keep up with grading for each class as that final is given so that when we get to Wednesday, I only have to grade the tests for that class and post final grades.

Summer is almost here. Actually, in many ways it is already upon me. I spent a lot of the weekend going through The Champion, getting the paperback version of it ready for the book signing that is scheduled for here in north Texas in mid-May. It takes a while to get books printed and delivered, so I need to put in an order pretty soon. When I get my classes all finished and grades turned in, I still have a magazine to complete. But other than that, I will have lots of time to spend on publishing stuff.

Actually, I don’t have a major writing project planned for the summer. That’s unusual for me. But I launched one book April 1, and have plans to launch three more in coming weeks. That will keep me plenty busy. And so my plan is to maybe write a short story or two, but mostly get the existing books out and market them.

In addition to that, I promised my wife that I would work on the house and the yard. That’s a tall order, since I have tended to neglect it in years past. Arthur Milward, one of my writing mentors, used to say: “The writer’s house is the one with the grass that hasn’t been cut.”

I see this summer as a time to get my batteries recharged, and I really need that. There will be plenty to do, but it will be good to have few creative demands on my head.