The Death of Jackson Paul

Goodbye, Jackson Paul. We hardly knew ye.

For those who are unfamiliar with the name Jackson Paul, that’s another good reason why he must die. You see, Jackson Paul is my penname. Or it was. But I discovered that having a penname and self publishing aren’t necessarily conducive to each other.

KissfinalFor example, Smashwords is having trouble listing my pseudonominous books with those which are published under my legal name. I have tried every permutation I can think of, but because of the fact that there are two names on the documentation and inside, it refuses to list these books in its catalog that goes to places like Kobo and Barnes and Nobles.

In addition, Amazon has a feature entitled Author Central that offers features which help authors get their names known as well as their books. Well, apparently I am not the author of books by Jackson Paul, so those two books are basically orphans.

Finally you get into issues with copyright and with payment. Does the copyright belong to Glendal P. Robinson, Prevail Publications or Jackson Paul?

cover_edited-1My original reason in writing under a penname was to separate those books I write in Christian suspense with those I write for a secular audience. All well and good, but I didn’t think of the ramifications that I am dealing with now.

In addition, in order to smooth the waters, I decided to start a publishing company, Prevail Publications. The intention was to copyright under that name. But I discovered that it was a headache to keep another website going at the cost of all the other things I was trying to accomplish.

So, sometime this week, I am going to kill Jackson Paul and pull the plug on Prevail Publications.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be sent to Amazon for purchase of one of Jackson Paul’s books….