Back in the Saddle Again

Even though the title is reference to a famous Gene Autry song from the 30s or 40s, I have been reading a great book about John Wayne that I will be sharing in days to come.

But mostly, I am making reference to my latest bout with writer’s block. I have committed to finishing the rough draft on my latest project, the David and Jonathan biblical novel titled “Chosen.” I made the mistake of taking an older project and trying to adapt it into a new, more complex story. Problem is, the elements make sense by themselves, but as a whole, didn’t seem to work.

In addition, I had some home projects I have been trying to finish before summer is over (garage, bathroom plumbing). And finally, the nervous time before classes start has begun to hit me.

It all resulted in a bad case of writer’s block.

This morning I had a talk with myself. I sequestered myself in my office. I gave myself permission to not think of anything else. I gave myself permission to write badly if need be. But the one requirement was that I was get a substantial amount of writing done today.

Now I am at the end of the day. Results? 3,700 words or about 16 double spaced pages. For some, that might not be a lot, but it is about double of what I consider a good day’s writing.

Better still, it has gotten me interested in my writing project again.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.