Yesterday was a good day to write.

And then there’s today.

I was late in getting to the office, with my mind on taking up on writing where I left off. But right away I was contacted with a couple of emergencies dealing with the University’s website. In the middle of this, I remembered that I was supposed to go yesterday to an office on the other side of campus and pick up some old cameras that the biology department was trying to get rid of. And then I was contacted by another department with a request.

I told my wife yesterday that I find myself getting less patient with other people’s requests/demands as time goes on. Maybe it’s simply a matter of knowing that I have limited amount of time and much of it is taken up trying to help other people out. That’s the Christian way, of course; to put other people’s needs ahead of yours. But there comes a time when you really have to say no and focus on what you intended to do in the first place.

And so I find myself a victim of circumstance: if I take time away to write, I pay for it later. I want to disconnect my phone, my email, my wi-fi and lock my door. It’s no wonder that I see some older professors getting grumpy in their old age.

Some older professors…not me, of course.