Words from the Audience

Hey gang:

Life is…complicated these days, but that’s usually par for my course. Second week of school, and I am still waiting for things to settle down. Broke one of my cardinal rules and agreed to serve on a committee that meets RIGHT during my writing time. But there was pressure…no more excuses. Monday, Labor Day, was great. Everyone else slept in and I got up early. Spent the quiet morning hours with three sleeping dogs, my book and silence. Bliss.

But Labor Day is over, and I am faced with relentless pressure at work. Meanwhile, I haven’t given up on working on my latest novel, Chosen, even if I can only write a page a day. Just have to settle down and do it. And Meanwhile, I am embarking on a new marketing plan to let the world know that my writing is out there, and oh, they actually might like it.

This is where you come in. I am asking for volunteers–preferably fellow writers–to be interviewed by me and shared here. I got the idea from two sources: the books on marketing I am reading and from my bud, Celeste perrino Walker. If you haven’t read her interview with me yet, you gots to…It is right here.

AND, also, in addition…don’t miss a gander at my new Manifesto. It might be heavy reading for some, and I will spell it out a little more simply in days to come. But it was intended to get me on track. And I think it will.

Well, that’s it for now. I will share what I learned from the marketing books SOON, as well as the Q and A from my volunteers, plus more manifesto stuff in days to come.


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