If You Liked The Book…

…Or even if you didn’t, there’s is a resounding need for your review.

People tell me all the time that the loved Infinity’s Reach, or Tom Horn, or The Champion, or If Tomorrow Comes. That’s great; I appreciate their comments. But it doesn’t help me anywhere as much as if they were to take time to write an HONEST review on Amazon, or Goodreads, or Smashwords. Better yet, all three.

Sales for books come down to reviews. Authors need them, desperately. I need them. Please help.

In addition, I am in the very first days of starting my travels into the world of an electronic newsletter. I need your prayers. I also need you to sign up to get the newsletter. I promise I will make it worth your while, with fun stuff, free stuff and as always, good stuff.

So take some time and either write a review or sign up for my brand-new newsletter. Or both.

You will have my eternal gratitude. 🙂