Partners in Crime

Jonathan_Warns_by_eikonikWell, two bits of good news happened yesterday.

First, after much deliberating, negotiating and emailing back and forth, my illustrator and I have agreed on a contract to put together the cover for my next book, Chosen (and yes, I am going with that title, at least for now). For a while I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but I am pleased to announce that it is. I include the artwork here for your perusal (and approval or disapproval). I am excited, and it gives me motivation to finish writing the book.

shakingThe second bit of good news is that Celeste Perrino-Walker, an author that I respect highly, has agreed to coauthor at least one book with me in the future. When and how this happens depends on our schedules and whether we can agree on a story. Her and my styles differ, and I have never co-authored a book before, so this should be both fun and frightening.

In case you don’t know who Celeste Perrino-Walker is, I recommend you pick up her latest book, The Shaking, which came out just a couple of weeks ago. It is on my to-do list for reading and review, and I will try my hardest to give you an honest assessment of her latest work.

I am off to give a midterm exam to my Editorial Techniques class, but I will try to stay in touch this weekend.

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