Another Giveaway Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be giving away an autographed copy of Infinity’s Reach, my retelling of Pilgrim’s Progress set in post-apocalyptic America. It’s a fun book with a lot of meaning as well. If you think it’s something you’d like, or would like for someone you know, make sure your name is in the drawing. Next Friday … More Another Giveaway Tomorrow

Hurry Up and Wait

It’s the first official day of the week of Spring Break. There are a lot of fun things I could be doing, including working on my new book, Salome’s Charger, which is being adeptly co-authored by Celeste Perrino-Walker. I could even be playing Lord of the Rings Online, or watching another rerun of Glee. Instead, … More Hurry Up and Wait

From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

I just got to my office after spending the early morning (1) hacking out the first few words in my part of our new novel; and (2) struggling to understand how to make Scrivener work for two authors long distance. As I have mentioned here before, my next book is a co-authored project with Celeste … More From Vermont to Egypt: The Co-Authoring Adventure Continues

We Who Are Blessed

My friend and fellow author Celeste Perrino-Walker shared on her Facebook page a habit she has developed that really helps her on those down days. She has what is called a “thankful jar.” She found a big jar and every day puts a note in it recording the best thing that happened to her on … More We Who Are Blessed

Partners in Crime

Well, two bits of good news happened yesterday. First, after much deliberating, negotiating and emailing back and forth, my illustrator and I have agreed on a contract to put together the cover for my next book, Chosen (and yes, I am going with that title, at least for now). For a while I wasn’t sure … More Partners in Crime

The Shaking: An Interview with Celeste perrino Walker, Author

Instead of spending the usual time talking to you about my writing experience, I thought this was a good opportunity to share words from a colleague. I have known Celeste perrino Walker professionally for about 25 years (has it been that long?), and during that time I have constantly been impressed not only by the … More The Shaking: An Interview with Celeste perrino Walker, Author