Announcing: 60 Days of Giveaways!

Just in case you haven’t understood the message behind my spluttering for the past few months, I am writing a book! Let me correct myself: WE are writing a book.

Famed Christian fiction writer Celeste Perrino-Walker and I are down to the last few days of writing our latest endeavor–a first in co-authoring for me–entitled Salome’s Charger. And we are excited that it will be coming out very, very soon. (Like September 1.)

First: what’s it about? Here’s my first draft on back cover copy:

There was something special about the Charger even before King Herod gave it to Salome, his stepdaughter, to carry the bloody, disembodied head of John The Baptist. Rumor held that Babylonian seer Nabonidus had imbued it with the ability to predict the future. Recently unearthed in an Egyptian tomb, Salome’s Charger is seen by many as the greatest archeological discovery in the 21st Century. That’s until a student was murdered, and the charger and its top researching scientist disappeared. Now treasure hunters, thieves, archeologists, scientists, reporters and cultists are all looking for the same golden charger, and the rewards go beyond money.

Some are looking for a quick payday. Some are looking for answers from God. And some are looking forward to ending the world. Will Salome’s Charger give us answers, or simply mark the end it all?

We are very, very excited, and we want you to be just as excited. Celeste is doing some fun stuff over at her site, but I don’t want to be left out of the fun. So as of July 1, I will be officially launching the 60 Days of Giveaways! <cheers> <applause> <fireworks> <bands play>

That will include interviews with the heroes of our story, autographed copies of my other books, two (count em, two) ARCs giveaways (you’ll be one of the first to see Salome). And all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter on the main page.

Here’s what July and August will look like:


JULY 3            Not My Son, Lord giveaway

JULY 10          If Tomorrow Comes giveaway

JULY 17          Infinity’s Reach Giveaway

JULY 24          Chosen Giveaway

JULY 31          COVER REVEAL/ ARCs Giveaway

AUGUST 7      The Champion Giveaway

AUGUST 14    The Heretic Giveaway

AUGUST 21    Elijah Giveaway

AUGUST 28    Deadline for Goodreads Salome giveaway

That’s just a start. Hey, I’m making this up as I go along. Drop me a line and make a suggestion. Maybe I’ll autograph my bathroom sink and give that away too. I’ll tell you more as we go along.

Bottom line? Sign up for the newsletter. Drawing will be every Friday from that point on until launch date!

More later!



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