The Great Expanse…Or Moving In

I really have been trying to keep up with the blog these days, but things have been crazy in real life. Yesterday, I finally got the official go-ahead to move from my large office to my new, even larger office here deep in the heart of Texas. I’m currently about 90 percent of the way moved in, with my desk drawers and file cabinets yet to join me. And I still need to find rhyme and reason for the stuff that followed me here. AND my predecessor who retired graciously decided to leave several decades of stuff behind that I have to find a place for. So this is what it all looks like at present:

IMG_0827The room ends up being larger than the first apartment my wife and I had. But I am not complaining. Maybe I will hold a party or two here. Chances are, it will be a good place for the Rough Writers to meet in the not so distant future.

And hey, I haven’t forgotten the drawing for this week. I’ll get to that later today.