ARCs = ‘Ats Really Cheating…

Or maybe it means Almost Right Clean. But these are the closest things you are going to find to the real items.

Yes, I’ve been talking about Salome’s Charger for more than a month now. And now than we are just about into August, I am happy to announce that our next drawing will be for not one but TWO ARCs of Salome’s Charger. That’s an e-book copy in either .mobi or .epub format for you to read (and review if you so choose), complete with all the typos we still haven’t found yet.

Consider yourself privileged. These things are so sacred, only two authors and two beta readers have read them so far. When others are wondering what all the uproar is all about, who killed Timmy and what happened in the Dallas Arboretum you’ll know long before anyone else. When others wonder why Ezra Huddleston can recite Psalms 119 verse by verse and Stevie Sloane can take down a man twice her size in the blink of an eye, you’ll know. Because you will have already read your ARC.

All you have do is enter the drawing on this website. And two of you who enter will win.

And because this is such a special drawing, we are going to do it on Friday, August 7. I’ll be in San Francisco, so it’s going to be tricky. But I promise not to leave you hanging.

Salome’s Charger comes out September 1. But don’t wait until then. Enter the drawing today.