The Mystery Revealed: “Salome’s Charger”

Recently I’ve been talking a lot about the writing project fellow author Céleste Perrrino Walker and I have been working on tsince the beginning of the year. We’re just about a month away from unveiling it. Yesterday I announced that I’m going to let two lucky people get a free ebook early on August 7 if their name is drawn (make sure your name is in there!).

But with all the excitement, I probably haven’t taken enough time to talk about the book itself. What is Salome’s Charger, and why should you even be interested in reading about it? Well, let’s start with the back cover copy:

There was something special about the Charger even before King Herod gave it to Salome, his stepdaughter, to carry the bloody, disembodied head of John The Baptist. Rumor held that Babylonian seer Nabonidus had imbued it with the ability to predict the future. Recently unearthed in an Egyptian tomb, Salome’s Charger is seen by many as the greatest archeological discovery in the 21st Century. That’s until a student was murdered, and the charger and its top researching scientist disappeared. Now treasure hunters, thieves, archeologists, scientists, reporters and cultists are all looking for the same golden charger, and the rewards go beyond money.

Some are looking for a quick payday. Some are looking for answers from God. And some are looking forward to ending the world. Will Salome’s Charger give us answers, or simply mark the end it all?

Now, let’s introduce some of the characters. There’s Ezra Huddleston, the investigative reporter who grew up the son of a Fundamentalist preacher, memorizing vast stretches of scripture as punishment, then losing his wife to cancer, which drove him farther and farther from God. Stevie Sloane is an antiques shop dealer who is struggling with a failing marriage and a history as a military MP. Dr. Madelyn Simms is the professor of ancient languages hired to translate the languages found on the charger until she mysteriously disappears. Alain Brassard is the international thief who is hired to steal the charger and begins killing people. And Isabelline Shrike is the Commander, leader of the Nihilists, a doomsday cult that believes the charger holds the key to ending the world’s suffering by…ending the world.

It’s more than an exciting book. Salome’s Charger is a Christian suspense novel that has a strong message about the power of prophecy and the Bible. And I hope you have the chance to read it soon.