Introducing: “Tesla’s Ghost”

I’ve been talking about it ad nauseum for months, if not years, now. I’ve described it like Kipling’s legendary blind men describing the elephant. I’ve moped, complained, dreamed, whined, hoped, and all the other descriptive verbs you can think of. Now I am ready to unveil at least a little part of it. And I want you to share in my joy.

Above this blog you will see a header, and listed on the right side is Tesla’s Ghost. It’s my latest writing project, one that will probably be with me for at least the next three years until I retire, and possibly well beyond that. If all things go well, Tesla will be the first book in a series that I envision that goes far beyond anything I can describe here. But I will try to give you an inkling of the project you see above you.

I’ve struggled to describe the story for a while, since it is quite complex, but I think I can finally manage it. Tesla’s Ghost is the story of a secret notebook that is kept by the Fritz Lowenstein, assistant to Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor and scientist at the turn of the 20th Century. Fritz is asked to keep the journal after Tesla sees something unexplainable in one of his experiments and is afraid that his own notekeeping will scare off investors. One hundred and twenty years later, the journal ends up in the hands of Eli Inverness, the great-great-grandson of Fritz, who is a college student trying to pay his tuition, but is confronted by the possibilities that come with a secret journal from Nikola Tesla that is revealed to the world. Like all of my books, it dabbles in spirituality, science and history, but is really about people, how they relate to each other and how they deal with adversity. And oh yes, all the way through story, the specter of a possible end of the world is present.

So far, I have Chapter 1 listed above, with plans to add Chapter 2 by this weekend and Chapter 3 by next week. My intention is to see if I can get any response back from readers, not necessarily if they like it or not, but whether this is a book they would like to see finished, and what needs to be fixed. And you, ladies and gentlemen, are my potential readers. So I am counting on you to take a gander at what I have and let me know what you think. I’m not going anywhere, and I am committed to the project. But I need to know if what I am writing is going to appeal to you. So let me know.

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