Soooo. Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla…..

As you can see, I’m not in much of a conversational mood. I haven’t been for several weeks.

First, I had my book launch for The Key of Solomon. That went about as well as could be expected. We had a pretty good showing at the book signing at the Texas Adventist Book Center, and I sold a few Solomon books, but mainly sold other copies of my books, but that’s all good as well. After that, I would check how things were going on Amazon, and on some days, it would look like no one in the world would ever buy my book, and then the next day it would look like I was headed for the New York Times bestseller list. The usual.

Then we had Christmas. Then I got the flu. Then the flu decided to stay. Forever.

Problem with that is that I have other things to do with my life. School started two weeks ago, and school, my friends, waits for no man. So, well or not, I am back in the classroom. I am coughing my way from lecture to lecture, apologies abounding, but as I read, I’m not alone there. Seems like half the country is sick with me. Oh, well.

On the bright side….

Once again I’m working with the wonderfully talented Lori Follett over at Hell Yes Designs (yup. that’s the name) on the cover for my upcoming sci-fi novel Tesla’s Ghost. It is scheduled to come out around March 1, with the cover reveal somewhere around the beginning of next month. As proud of The Key of Solomon that I am, Tesla is going to be really special as well. I am eager to share.

Yeah, well, I’m a curmudgeon. I will admit it. People around here already know it. But I will try to change my ways.

I promise to get out more. Eat more vegetables. Maybe even talk to people.

Like you guys.