Just In Case You Haven’t Heard…

I have this little thing, called a book launch, happening tomorrow. It’s for a book I like to call Tesla’s Ghost.

For those of you who are interested in science fiction, mystery, suspense, steampunk, aliens, or just good writing, there’s probably something in there for you somewhere.

Interesting thing about this book is that I wrote it back in 2016 and then held onto it. Since that time, I launched The Key of Solomon (another good book) last December as part of a series. The reason I held onto it was because a colleague and I submitted Tesla as part of a project he was having considered for a film at Sundance. That fell through, and I thought about submitting it to an agent. That fell through and I actually talked to my colleagues agent in Beverly Hills, who turned out to represent film people and not book people, so that was a waste of time.

In any case, we are back to the point where we are actually going to make this a real deal. Tesla’s Ghost, funnily enough, was almost an afterthought. It is the first book in a series, and I never really intended on going all the way back to Nikola Tesla. But as I started working on the larger story, I realized that in order to truly understand the big picture, you needed to go back to 1895. And I am glad we did.

This story is quite different from books I’ve written before, but I get that often. In fact, people are often saying, “None of his books are the same,” which I guess can be good or bad. I blame it on a short attention span. But I like variety. How about you?

In any case, tomorrow–Wednesday, Feb. 28–Tesla’s Ghost will be officially available to the world. Are you part of the world? If you are, make sure you get a copy.