A “Ghost” of a Chance

Tesla’s Ghost is now available on Amazon.

Technically, the paperback’s been available for about a week, and the ebook’s been available for pre-order for about the same amount of time. But my book (#22 if you’re keeping count) is unencumbered by any constraints and is out there, for better or for worse, to purchase and read, give to your friends or maybe put in the local library.

So what happens next?

Well, I’ve got two things on my plate as we speak. First, I’ve started a project of podcasting, something I’ve been talking of doing for a while but never done. I’ve recorded two of my short stories and after my son is done editing them and making them pretty, they’ll be available for your listening pleasure. The plan is to learn how to record my literature this way, and work our way up to eventually doing some audio books. Apparently some of you have been wanting that for quite a while. Well, it’s coming.

And for those who DO read Tesla’s Ghost, be content to know that I have started on the sequel. I’m stumbling my way through chapter one as we speak. There’s a promotion in the back of Tesla’s Ghost that calls the sequel Deal with the Devil, but Shelly says, “You can’t call it that,” so I guess the jury’s still out on the title. We’ll see.

In any case, Spring Break starts here tomorrow night. Normally I would look at that as a good time to get some writing done. But Shelly and I will have our eight-year-old grandson with us next week, so I doubt I will get any serious writing done.

More later.