The Great Audio Challenge Continues

I continue to challenge myself by taking an audio editing class and learning how to make audio books. My latest project is the result of an assignment to record a passage of text five times and select the best versions of it for use, then add music and sound effects. I chose a two-minute clip from my classic end-times book, If Tomorrow Comes. Here it is:

Like I said, it’s only two minutes long, so if you have the time, I’d appreciate you listening to it and telling me what you think works and what doesn’t. My intention is to hone my craft in anticipation of turning several of my books into audio books eventually. But I want to learn how to do a good job first.

On another front, in two weeks, I’ll be heading to Columbia, Maryland for the Society of Adventist Communicators meetings. I plan on trying to sell a few books while I’m there, and if you plan on being there too, I’d love for you to come by. I’ll be sharing a booth with Celeste Perrino Walker, my partner in crime, and my co-author on Salome’s Charger. I’d love to see you.