Time for Some Free Stuff

Things are slow around here. Well, actually they’re pretty busy, but things of the Glen Robinson books kind are slow on Amazon, so it’s time to give some stuff away. On Goodreads, I’m giving away 100 ebook editions of my latest release, The Key of Solomon. So far, we have more books available than we … More Time for Some Free Stuff

Upwrapping a New Cover

I’ve never been the kind who can keep a secret very well. Our usual Christmas routine is that Shelly tells me what she wants and I get it for her. OR, more likely, she says, “let me go pick it out,” and I agree. Boring, I know. Well, I’m sitting on a secret that’s driving … More Upwrapping a New Cover

Starting Over

I’m launching another book as of March 1. It’s a good one. Of course, you would expect me to say that, since I wrote it, but I AM proud of it. It’s called Tesla’s Ghost, and I deviate from my usual Christian suspense fare to travel into science fiction, which I love. I’ve written a … More Starting Over