Book Reviews

Just as an aside from what I previously posted: I am presently looking for reviewers for two of my books. Tom Horn vs. The Warlords of Krupp, and The Kiss of Night. If you are interested in reviewing either or both of these, leave a comment with your email address, and I will send you … More Book Reviews

Loose ends

I spent the morning working on school stuff. Yes, school is over, but I am also responsible for the school’s website and the alumni magazine (what can I say? It’s a small school.). So I am trying to get at least the magazine “put to bed” this week so that my energies can be directed … More Loose ends

Switching Gears

It seems like I am always switching gears. A little over a week ago, we had commencement, and I left teaching behind to focus on my writing career over the summer. Sometimes that takes a while to switch gears, but this time around, it doesn’t seem as hard. Maybe that’s because I have been spending … More Switching Gears

Genre? What genre?

I’m the type of author that infuriates publishers. Hence I am publishing my own stuff these days. What I’m talking about it the whole concept of genre. I don’t know who invented the concept, but it didn’t take long for a lot of people to buy into the idea. The intent was to label stories … More Genre? What genre?