Rolling, rolling, rolling

Just a quick word to let you know how National Novel Writing Month is progressing.

After five days (yes, I know, I still have day left today. But it’s a busy day for me.) I am at 12,927 words out of 50,000. But more importantly, I am four and a half chapters away from completing Chosen. That equates to about 13,500 words. And yes, I will quit NaNoWriNo when I get to that point. I hope to be there by the end of next week.

I have been averaging about one 3,000-word chapter a day. Following the advice of wise writer Celeste Perrino-Walker, I have dragged myself out of bed each morning–including Sunday–at 5 a.m. and immediately started writing. My kind and understanding wife knows when I am in the writing zone, and generously gives me space for the next two hours, during when I average about 2,000 words. The rest of it I put together sometime during the day when I can find a few free minutes.

It’s always exciting to see the finish line approaching. This project has been with me for more than 20 years. There are still some bumps, but we are getting there rapidly. And I have only one thing to say:

It’s about time.

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