Mobile and Friendly

I got up at 5:30 this morning, both because I am participating in National Novel Writing Month and because I was already awake, thanks to the time change. So I felt it was a good opportunity to get a few pages written on my book.

Now I am sitting in the lobby of Community Hospice of Texas. Don’t worry; no one is dying in my family. My wife is the director of this facility as well as another in downtown Fort Worth. She came in to get some work done, and then the two of us are going to get her new iPhone fixed. Apparently she’s not receiving my texts, which is a bad and a good thing, at least for her.

So I told her I would come with her. Thanks to the miracle of wi-fi, I am able to pull together a blog and add to the six pages I cranked out earlier this morning.

This day and age, writers usually don’t have the luxury of having one place they can go without interruption. My place is my easy chair in my living room and my time is early in the morning while the family and the dogs are still asleep. But there are other times and other places to write.

Thanks to the miracle of wi-fi and laptops, I now write anywhere and everywhere (much more often during NaNoWriMo), as I am doing today. So without further ado, I will sign off and get back to work.

See you tomorrow.