Cranking It Out

cover front onlyWe all need excuses, for good or for bad. I find I always have an excuse not to write, whether it is conflicts at work, my favorite TV show, or getting honey-dos done at home. It’s when I think ahead and commit to a time period for my project that I get the most done.

That’s where NaNoWriMo comes in. National Novel Writing Month calls for 100,000 participants all over the world to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Currently, it’s my excuse to write. I told my wife to clear the decks because I was participating. But I am not as concerned with writing 50,000 words as I am in completing my novel.

The novel I am referring to is Chosen, my book about Jonathan from the Bible. The original idea, thought up a couple of decades ago, was relatively simple. Since that time, the story has grown, not exactly to epic levels, but pretty close. And it has been a major challenge.

I am very close; I have about seven chapters left. I estimate that will take me three weeks. Right now, I am averaging about 2,000 words per day. But if I get on a roll it will take much less time. Then comes the editing process.

I have the cover squared away. I have given myself and announced to my readers that it is coming out in early December. Now I just have to finish writing it.

No more excuses. I am cranking it out.