Taking the Good with the Bad

cover front onlyI don’t know where I’m going, but I’m making good time.

Actually, I know where I am going. Sort of. I have my story mapped out, I am starting chapter 15 out of 19 or 20 (still debating that one). The story is coming along.

The problem comes when you compare fiction with reality. This is the first time I have written a Biblical narrative (read ‘novel’) and I want the story to be exciting and keep the reader interested. No problem there. Where the problem comes is when I compare what I write to what the Bible says. I know there will always be those people who say, “No, she wasn’t wearing a blue dress. She was wearing a red dress.” I am not concerned with those kinds of details, and don’t think you should be either. What I am trying to do is remain faithful to the larger picture. I want people to come away not saying, “Well, he didn’t get his facts straight,” but saying “Wow, I understand the story so much more clearly now.”

So it’s a challenge. I have just about memorized the book of 1 Samuel where the story takes place. I have already made use of one Bible Commentary, and will be referring to another soon. But I am discovering a big difference between making up a story in my head and taking one from someone else’s. It’s much like writing historical fiction that is based on actual events–in detail.

It’s challenging. I like a challenge. I suppose.


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