Letting Go

It’s been all of five days since I introduced my new book Chosen to the world. It’s been a long time coming, just a dream for most of that time, and now it is reality. I’m eager for you and the rest of the world to read this book, because I think it’s one of … More Letting Go

Brand Spanking New

Introducing…<ahem> for your reading pleasure…the book you’ve all been waiting for….CHOSEN. Seriously, tomorrow is the unveiling day, and many have decided to take me up on the offer of a free ebook copy simply by signing up for the monthly newsletter. It’s a great day, and it helps me two ways. It gives me permission … More Brand Spanking New

Life Between Projects

The Project, as they say, is in the can. All the editing is done, design work completed, promotion in place. Final judgment will be in the hands of readers, and more importantly, reviewers. So what does an author do when he or she finds that the project is over? Some writers say that the next … More Life Between Projects